Sunday, March 18, 2012

Endinning – Part One of Two

So there was this boy who didn't dance too well.

And his girl was this hoity toity sort who could, really well even.

And though there was no trouble between them, this little thing grew into a big problem.

She started hating him for his spastic dance moves.

And one day she found this other dancing person with emerald eyes. And decided that she had had enough of her spaz person.

And she tried to keep it hidden because despite her being madly in love with this emerald eyes person, she really cared for this spaz person.

But one night, one cold winter night, she lost it and screamed at this spaz person. And he stood quiet while she screamed at him. 'i'll tell you what to do Matt, take that dance of yours', she said, 'and go around the fucking world or something, go find some other wierdo who likes to dance with you, just get the fuck out of my life.'

And she left.

Matt wondered what he should do.

To be continued...

Endinning – Part Two of Two

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