Tuesday, March 6, 2007


for scoring, five minutes on an auto take you to an abandoned sufi shrine, surrounded by a sprawling wasteland. You take a walk down a path and end up in what used to be a portico. By the side, you see a beautiful girl in a tattered white wedding dress and a scraggy looking pirate having an earnest argument. They look like they've been here for ages, purchasing eternal youth for eternal redundancy. A gurkha motions you to go towards the bushes in the north. you take one of the paths that snake into them, following it into the thorn and the thistle. But JOY! the pain's only temporary as you notice the bush's only denser towards the outside. Inside, the path, despite a few pricks, is clear, you follow the path and are momentarily stunned as you notice a plush red sofa in the middle of the wilderness and a bookcase next to it with a complete but weathered set of the encyclopedia brittanica. but, as voices from the distance tell you, you're supposed to walk on further. Soon, the bushes clear and you meet a blank concrete wall, flanked by a raised concrete platform and you meet a small man with a small set of scales, dealing out grams of hash. You look to either side, and you notice the raised platform go on forever, and in the distance,both to your left and your right, you notice similar small men sitting in the distance. This platform is a wormhole that connects all such dealers in the city, and if you take a circuit, you're sure to meet all of them.

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