Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You With The Stars (TM)

There's a place near NFC called Jamia where people who want to hang with the stars study. some short and grimy people with sharp teeth came and installed an interesting machine there. a sign lying by its side said it was called 'You With The Stars (TM)'

it worked like this.

there was a picture of Amitabh Bachan holding a scimitar, unknown individual and Dharmendra with gun painted onto a cutout board. the unknown individual had a hole where his face should have been. there was a camera installed at a short distance in front of of it.

you're supposed to go and put your head in the hole between Amitabh Bachan and Dharmendra and smile. one of the aforementioned short people, standing next to the camera presses a button on it and Amitabh Bachan's scimitar swings and takes your head off.

'Fame has its price', the goblin explains.

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