Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Facebooker

Wind, water, whim. All fall still.

Hector receives an anonymous post while he's about to sip the last bit of his hot chocolate -

"Hey, can you please send me a yellow cab near Fun Wall terminal?"

Before he can reply back, a pack of Werewolves sitting on a table beside him come past and bite him. One after the other at his throat.

Another anonymous post Teet-teets in his Inbox -

"can you hurry, there're a thousand requests after me"

Hector, bleeding heavily tries to reach out to the nearest Super wall booth. The run-amocked werewolves disappear down 5th X Me avenue. Gargling hot blood Hector picks up the receiver, dials anonymous post and tries to tell him something...

"Hurckle, hurckle, bloouup".........Hot blood mixed with hot chocolate spills thick into the virtual catacombs..."Hurckle,...."

Nearby, on the street, a snazzy new Double Dare collides head on with a 1984 Superlative. And with seconds of slo-mo turns in the air, comes down with a clamouring clatter, crashing upon Hector.

Anonymous post logs out.

All beings look up in a virtual delirium. Orkut sparkles in the dusken skies.


Perakath said...


I heart this blog.

p.Pen said...

merci ~