Friday, February 29, 2008

Stipe in Spite ~ As demonstrated by his art parter


a fan apart said...

Traffic, 2000

DEA Agent: "Javier, you should feel good about this"
Javier Rodriguez: "I feel like a traitor"

asphaltskin said...

do you wait?

like a street-lamp for the night to end,

for its too late for the early bird to prey

do you breathe

like a wine, through cork and fleshy stain,

satin you become with eyes in constant rain

do you care?

like an unborn mother with a baby to drown,

too many horses with paid saddles to mount

do you live like this word

like this word chasing your eye,

the world's a stage, we could be better lies

do you have?

what others dont like the air you breathe,

just like the tree trying hard to bleed

do you sell?

your soul for for bread and time,

living on roots and wheels and a lil rhyme

do you know?

enough to own your shadow, before you die,

renember your broken mirror was never mine

do you die?

to live or live to die,

upon your stage, i'm a better lie

xcz said...
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The Beach Monkey said...

prime example of "how to get sued online", "defamation lawsuits in the digital era" and "get kentucky fucked: the corporate way"

or as we say in the hinterlands, "jiss tub mai khaya ussi mai ched kar diya"

anyways, viva la revolution!

Anonymous said...


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