Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Squirrel semantics:

Art of a maniac,

Sloshed in shame,

Robbing realities,

Fermenting for fame.

Magic in the making,

Molotoves in the mind,

Milf on the desk,

May he find.

House of a hag,

Hats of a hound,

Hire for hire,

The harrowing sound.

Tease of a fly,

Tart of a tamarind,

Toss of a coin,

Tap of the wind.

Wailing willows,

Waiting windows,

Wafting wants,

Whiling in woes.

Calculus colours,

Crafting cold,

Curious cats,

A clean fold.

Leaning lights,

Laurels of lac,

Lieing lepers,

Lying on their back.

dusts of sunshine

doing of a deed

doling daisies

Deep in weed.

Sighing in silence,

Severed in swoon,

Sliced up in dices,

Feathered to be soon.

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