Saturday, December 25, 2010

zizi's garden of cruelty

the scene opens on a lovely garden where zizi is guiding an eunuch about the place. both of them are dressed in fancy pre french revolution garb, with the eunuch pretending to be male and zizi, female.

this be my garden, she says, batting her lovely eyelids.

lovely, much like yourself, mentions the eunuch, but what be this monstrosity you seem to have grown.

the camera now focuses on a man, planted in the gound and looming large on account of being taller than required. his nose is massive, his spectacles thick and his name, max (of the black variety).

oh him, she says, her voice now morose and lacking the efferversence of youth, he's a preserved species, can't get him chopped off.

the eunuch, overcome by sadness at her predicament, puts his arm around her.

don't worry, it says, we can cut it up after it dies. it'll make for lovely furniture.

they make mad passionate love then. but she feels something is amiss.

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