Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Ridge

There's a place in the Ridge, close to North Campus, called Peer Gayab. Someone told me that they sacrifice people to dark gods over there, citing the presence of incense sticks as evidence (which i found highly inadequate). What i suggest, if you've got a day to kill, is to trek down the Ridge to this place.

One of the easiest doorways to faerie, you'll know when you've entered elf territory when you stop noticing the monkeys. However, keep to the track if you don't want to lose your way. A '73 Stephen's Eco student called Amar Nath Dwarka, in fact, just surfaced after over 20 years of absence. I met him in college, white hair and all, wandering about trying to figure out what happened. His time there, he said, only seemed like a couple of hours to him, which he spent chasing little children with pointy ears (djinns, probably). He also said that he didn't particularly want to come back, but apparently lost his way out of being lost. 'It's the monkeys', he said, 'you know you're back when you come to this corridor with unusually long trees to either side, with more monkeys than leaves. '

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nikhil kumar( said...

your version of people being sacrificed sounds interesting.. i have been to that place several never heard any thing of that sort..can u please give me some more details on it..