Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A love story

“Hey I need to tell you something.”
“Its something I've always wanted to tell you.”
“What is it?”
“But the thing is I’ve never been able to gather up enough courage to speak about it.”
“Don’t feel shy Rahul…just say it.”
“That’s what the problem is…I come up to you… and then I lose all steam.”
“Its not that Rahul…You guys just keep everything to yourself.”
“But Pooja I’m not sure how will you take it.”
“How will you know if you don’t tell me in the first place?”
“Pooja I feel shy.”
“Aaawwww… my baby…come aawwwwn…be a man.”
“But Pooja…”
“Ok Rahul you don’t have to say it. I know it already. Some things are better left unsaid.”
“You know it Pooja?”
“How dumb do you think I am?”
“But how do you know?”
“I can tell it looking at your eyes.”
“WHAAAAT?... Do my eyes tell you that I masturbate day and night, thinking about you?”

(Long pause…a very long pause)

“(in a whisper) Rahul”
“Pooja…even the memory of your smile makes me come…”
“I knew you’ll get upset Pooja…that’s why I never wanted to tell you.”
“Yes Pooja”
“That’s the best thing anyone has ever said to me.”

….and they fucked happily ever after.


pooja said...

i also want to tell you something

i don't love you
i love deshwal
and not because he is a good person or anything
but because he has a really tiny dick
and it makes me feel good aboout myself


Forty6 said...

I don't think Disney publishes such fairy tales. But am sure Vivid does.

Anonymous said...

Dear Deshu,

How long has it been since you have spoken to a woman?

- Agony Aunt

Anonymous said...

yeh kya hai deshu???
i stopped writing coz u told me i write long, boring stories abt myself.
and this would be different how?