Monday, December 24, 2007

Good Hotels

Good hotels are always sexy.

The virgin cleanliness of the room when you first enter. The full length mirrors in the bathroom. Strangers congregated in lobbies and coffee shops and herbal parlours. Saunas with aromatic massages. The anonymity of it all. The ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. The curtains translucent like shimmering veils. Cool women in cocktail dresses, in restaurants talking to their husbands, or their boyfriends, or taking a break from them. The crisp uniforms of room service. The knowledge that as you walk down the carpeted corridors there are, in rooms to the right and left, honeymooners, and professionals, and people determined to break off their marriage in dramatic fashion. The sheer convenience of it all (in good hotels, the sheets are changed daily and in your absence). Good hotels are always sexy.

Good hotels are also lonely.

The way in which the staff tries to act friendly. The plastic covering on the cups, the bottles and the soap. Honeymooners, hand in hand. A short note for you when you open your suitcase. Time on your hands. The antiseptic perfection, an exact apotheosis of normal life. Newspapers with their local interest stories and regional politics. Getting your meals ordered to the room, because what’s the point eating alone. May as well watch TV (in good hotels all sitcoms seem that little bit warmer). Good hotels are necessarily lonely.


The Beach Monkey said...

true. true.

but there are a few games i usually play to keep myself entertained. like "window ledge cliff-hanger", "wake thy neighbour", "let's flash room-service" and my favourtite "crank calls at the reception desk".

so do give these delightful activities a try, and watch those painfully dull hours turn into precious lil' memories. :)

Anonymous said...

i've seen this before

a fan apart said...

dear anonymous, the only other place you could have read it is on my blog...which is just great and do visit it again and happy new year...

Molly said...

Great work.