Monday, December 3, 2007

Let the story roll

As new worlds unfold before me
As new faces come to life
I look back at me from a distance
My story's come alive

One last leap is all it needs
As it slowly rolls on by
Nobody move an inch
Let the music be my guide

Soon it'll be all over
Coz the hero's found his way
He's charging ahead towards the end
The story's nearly there

I hear a knock on the door
I think I know who it is
It's too bad for you my hero
This story's got to wait


The Beach Monkey said...

dude. word.
now let's hear you sing it. chop chop.

deshu said...

arrey kingshuk bhaaya to kavi ban gaye...

Loki said...

Bhose, Yeh main kya dekh raha hoo. Vyathit man se nikli aatma ki pukaar, aisa vichar, circle ko poora karta kaisa aakar, tu kingshuk hi hai na mere yaar.

pimp my chugh said...

Udaiyan is a pussy magnate with the same poles on either side.