Thursday, May 17, 2007

A coversation with a loner

A casually dressed guy sits alone in the corner of a room, smoking. Young guys and girls sway to the beats of artificially created sounds, one of them moves to the same corner.

“Why do you sit like that?”
“Like what?”
“Like ... in the corner...”
“There’s something in corners you won’t get”
“I can try”
“Hmmm…forget it… get lost”
“Hey, you could do with some talking”
“There’s nothing in the centre you see”
“I don’t see that”
“Are you that dumb?”
“This isn’t a good attitude dude”
“I refuse to speak”
“There’re quiet a few gorgeous looking women in the centre dude”
“There will always be something in the centre. To me what matters is a 90 degree perspective of the world”
“Ok… and what’s a 90 degree perspective?”
“You get a 360 degree perspective in the centre, you see”
“And what’s wrong with that?”
“You are making me talk too much”
“Just tell me what’s wrong with a 360 degree perspective, and ill go away?”
“It just makes your head spin”
“That’s a weird reason”
“The real world isn’t interesting enough to risk getting your neck twisted”
“Where does the interesting world lie then?”
“It’s the other 270 degrees”
“Dude I wasn’t very good at math in school”
“It’s because you shared a 360 degree perspective”
“True…roll a joint dude, I think my head is swirling”

Two guys sit in a corner of the room, smoking.

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