Monday, May 21, 2007

We could do without it, really.

Monday Morning, 10 am - Push button for instant coffee and pull out at T - 3secs for a concentrated, undiluted cup. Step out for a smoke in the office balcony. Return to desk. Surf the net. Accompany friend for another cup of concentrated, undiluted coffee and a cigarette at 11 am. After another hour and subsequently from noon, that's pretty much all I do, all day through.

Most people in advertising are of the belief that there's no routine involved in their jobs. They can be drinking beer at 2, attending a sudden meeting at 9 am, making a presentation that's up in half an know. And it isn't entirely untrue either. There would be some difficulty in saying, for most of these advertising folks, that there's a routine; a set pattern that's followed everyday. But from what I've noticed, para 1 would be the set pattern, the routine for almost everyone in advertising. Unfortunately, drinking endless cups of coffee and smoking lots of cigarettes is what most of us do at work - everyday.

Although in the middle, I replaced coffee with beer. And it felt really good to break free from the routine.

1 comment:

khaak said...

mein roz-b-roz
ek marey hue din ki khaal mein
chaay ke cups
aur suttey ka dhua daal daal ke
usey zinda kernney ki
nakaam koshish mein laga rehta hu.