Thursday, May 31, 2007


Threw the fucking cigarette. Tasted like shit anyway. half of them do. the only ones i care about are the ones after a meal and maybe when I'm drinking. the rest are smoked in hope of them tasting like the ones after meals or with a whiskey topped up (maybe a few gulps down). Strange that happens with a lot of things in life.Love, your second Prodigy album etc. We choose them cos we remember the other time...
and anyway... right now i was hovering in a moment of edgy anticipation... air is all i needed to breathe...i walked avoiding the little dirt puddles on the broken up footpath from behind, past the heat and smell of meals being cooked.
i tried not to make eye contact with anyone as i walked into the buzz of people. fishing the trusty phone, savior in awkward situations, i tried to think who it was that i was planning to call. scrolling down, i pressed the red button when i realised my friend was already standing outside the old joint. its been a long time. the place wasnt anything special, just tht now it was a storehouse of a lot of memories.
half a happy hour later we felt stupid going on with the "Remember whens" and sat silent, blowing circles and taking swigs, staring away into the vents in the ceiling.Yeah, its been a long time. things have changed.

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