Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This blogspot is pleased to have with it this afternoon Mr. Prannoy Roy, news mogul of new delhi.

'Yes hello.'

'hello, Mr. Roy, how do you do?'

'I'm doing fine, how do you do?'

'I'm doing fine, thank you.'



'Ah yes, Mr. Roy, can you explain the sudden upsurge in the number of hot news announcers on NDTV profit all of a sudden.'

'Well yes' (characteristic scratch of the nose) 'we've recently employed a very talented young surgeon who fixes up these faces for our news announcers.'

'and where is this surgeon.'

'Oh! we've got him in this charming little underground lab beneath our office in...what's it called...GK or something'

'And where does he get these very ukraine pornstar looking faces from.'

'what an idiot! from ukraine of course!!'

'and these ukranians, they're keen to give up their faces.'

'well, there's a recession there, and you know how things are in a recession.'

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