Saturday, May 26, 2007

Too crowded for my liking.

Last night, i reached home pretty late. And since there no prior dinner arrangements, we decided to eat out. Except it was 11:40 when we reached the Outer Circle. Thank god, Ruby Tuesday was still open and willing to take us in. We picked a place, in the nookiest nook, to get away from all the crowd. It was a great booth, meant for only two. We were on the ground floor of the resto-bar but our booth gave a strange impression of overlooking the busy street outside. Through the folds of the blind on huge glass windows, I squinted from between the blue smoke of my cigarette to see 4 smack addicts near a car. They saw me too. Peace.

The beer was too cold. And the Grilled Chicken Stacker he ordered tasted better than my enthusiastically chosen Crabcake burger. The beer got over too fast and I couldn't afford another. Luckily, they weren't taking any more orders either. It was time to close down. I looked around the completely empty restaurant with all its chairs hanging on the tables. I saw the waiters eager for me to pay up fast and get the hell out. I saw the bill and got the rest of my Crabcake burger parcelled. I adjusted my eyes to the now dim lighting in the restaurant. I heard strains of the television they'd put on for us. I walked out extremely happy with my half hour there. It had been fun.

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