Tuesday, May 8, 2007


“You’re wasted man…you’re wasted” I heard a voice from somewhere above. I felt my head being held by a hand that thrust it into the sand. I slowly rose as soon as it loosened its grip. I could taste sand, I could feel its odorless smell… the grains were creeping in my hair, in my eyes, my nostrils... slowly moving deep inside, entering my soul. I didn’t mind any of that except for the sand in my shoes, giving me that feeling, of my skin melting into sand. My attention traveled from my shoes to my hand. I could see a big hairy foot where my hand was. I could feel it being crushed and move deep into the sand under the pressure of the big ugly leg.
The sun was too hot for me to be able to look up to find out who it was. Anyways I didn’t care. I wouldn’t have cared if someone had hit me with a baseball bat. I didn’t care to look at the half naked women around me, the waves or the castles they had made. With my back to the sea, I was just staring into the sand. But the pain he caused was so unbearable that I had to look up to see who the bastard was. Who couldn’t see me drifting into the oblivion. What does he care about? How does it concern him, whether I’m getting wasted or trashed or whatever. I was always wasted anyways.

I look up and the sun blinds me. I see a silhouette of someone large walking away.
‘He’s walking away?’ I manage to get up, grab an empty beer bottle from many lying around the beach, hold it by its neck and follow the man. I’ve already had enough mishaps here (on what was supposed to be a happening trip) that I plan to pour all my hatred into that big bald head.
Was he actually a giant or was I drunk?
Or was the combined effect of heat on the back of my head and alcohol on my brain giving me a vision that was out of proportion.
I follow him to a place which now looks more like a desert than a beach beside the sea. And the sea seemed to have disappeared. Suddenly I realize that I 'm not following anyone. I'm in the middle of nowhere. Does the beach really empty out into a huge bed of sand… a desert, like a river into the sea? Spreading far…endless. And i feel small, insignificant. Where’s everyone else? Where’s the whole of humanity? There’s no-one, anywhere, it’s just me and the hot outstretching desert. Me, getting lost, in the desert wastes. Djinns do speak the truth.

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