Sunday, May 6, 2007

What's for dinner?

God I hope he’s late. I haven’t even started dinner yet. It’s going to take at least an hour. And he might be in the mood tonight. He might not even care for dinner. But I do. I’m sure he doesn’t even rem... What is that god awful smell? It has to be that stupid dog. Why did we ever keep him? Wretched creature. Comes and goes as he pleases. Acts like he owns the place. Stupid mutt. He’s going to ruin dinner. I can’t let anyone ruin dinner tonight. It’s been ages since we sat down as a family. Rahul already looks sleepy. He’s had a rough day. It’s never easy for him. Moving, shifting. All the time. But I hope we won’t anymore, I like this place. Except for that stench. Imbecile. Devil dog. If it wasn’t for Rahul... Sigh. He’s already asleep. I’m going to have to wake him up. I hope he’s not fast asleep. I hope he’s not too late. But I still haven’t started dinner yet. When is that stupid food going to arrive. It’s going to take me at least twenty minutes. God. Why doesn’t anything ever work out. All I wanted was just one night. One night for us to have a nice peaceful dinner. Before the beast in him attacks me. Before everything ceases to exi... And that stench. Might as well start looking for that filthy animal. I’m sure his body must’ve rotted purple by now. It’s going to take me an hour to find his pulp in this dump. Poor Rahul. He’s going to... Wait a second. I think I hear the garbage truck backing up. Finally! The food is here. I hope it’s something good. I hope its home made. I hope it’s not too dirty. It’s going to take me at least half an hour to find it. God I hope he’s late.

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Akshika said...

hey dude!!! awesome stuff, damn cul blog. real mind fuck! extremely well woven story....i just LUVD it....
keep bloggin :)!