Thursday, May 3, 2007

A sign, many statistics and traffic signals

Driving past the MRF temperature sign at the Oberoi. The temp reads 37.6 on the celsius scale at 8:48 am. Time and temperature. Two things you can live your life by. Fill it up with seconds, minutes, hours...and a box of tissues to wipe away the sweat with. 'Cos when you're done complaining about your job and your can always complain about the weather. Curse it. Or spend your life paying the instalments on the loan for an AC car. Go from point A to point B in your own weather controlled capsule. So what if it consumes more gas...the world's fossil fuel supply gets lower by the minute. OPEC has agreed to increase supply by 3%. 3%!!?! How many barrels for you sir? Life and statistics. That's another reality distortion filter. The rate of inflation, the barrels of oil, the sensex, the temperature. They're swirling around you all the time. Just pick your number. How many hours do you spend eating, sleeping and driving? Have you worked out the percentages, yet? Excuse me, I spent
27.67% of my time behind the wheel, is there place for me in in heaven.
Sorry, son! the cut-off just went up to 32%. Try again, in about another
lifetime. Then at the roundabout near the hotel that changes its name and management every season from Surya to Sofitel to BestWestern to whatever is the name right now…. a man in a Zen...wife in the passenger seat... she gets out. We're all waiting for the light to turn green. She gets out of the car and goes and sits in the one in front...that's so-and-so from my office and after office we even sleep together in the storeroom to which I have the key...hubby dear is free to carry on to his office. Ignorance keeps us all happy in bed and on the road. But hold it that's not where the similarity starts...the man reaches into the back seat and comes up with a tasty toast...the tasty toaster... ordered from the teleshopping network... so convenient, no? Tomatoes dripping he scrunches into it... And we drive on..having just seen the future drive past?!!! just another statistic....

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