Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A curious case of indigestion

The other day we had a bomb scare in our building. Perhaps Osama had targeted Padma Towers as the place to give a fitting reply to Uncle Sam. The whole building was emptied and we pushed off to watch a movie at Naraina PVR. The simple joys of these uncertain times we live in. Went to Mumbai on Saturday for a promo film shoot. Back yesterday and to work today. My flight back, was a relatively empty flight as only morons and goblins travel on Sunday nites it appears. So I’m sitting there re-reading Catch 22 when this guy sitting a seat away leans across and politely enquires how the book is. He's the same gent who a little while back had ordered a second portion of black pepper Chicken. Obviously a member of the highly secret airline food fan club. His question just so totally threw me. "It's good" I finally hit upon an ingeniously ambiguous reply.
"what's it about?" he persists.
I 'm gasping for air by now.
"well..it's about... you know satire... and war.. and... it's a satire on
war" I finished lamely.
But this mutt wasn't going to be put off that easy
"Which war have they based it on?"
U see the kind of morons we're dealing with here. It most definitely appears to be a conspiracy. Let's reduce the mental level of earth by 73.76%, the Martians must be contemplating as they point their brain shrinkers in our direction and then we'll just walk in and take it over. How else can u explain the sudden downturn in human intelligence.

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